He sat up, alone.

Shrouded in an abrasive darkness that hung back like a tight rope, ready to snap, he sat up, alone. Blinking his eyes was seemingly the scariest thought that sprang to his mind, because there was no difference, eyes closed, or not.

Now he stood, alone again, trying to plant his feet in an aggressive manner, trying to make the darkness cringe. This was to no end though, as darkness is never pierced without light, and he had not a stitch of it.

Hunkering down in a squatting manner, he began to think. ‘What is this?’ ‘Where am I?’ ‘What has happened?’. He continued to think, almost to think with the wind, waiting for an answer from a silent void with no voice.

Realizing that asking questions solved nothing, he fell back, and as he collapsed onto a cold, malleable surface, he had another revelation; he was naked. This was the most startling thing about his current position., because he hadn’t known if this nakedness was exacted with his own accord, but when he was on the verge of anger, it went away at the same pace, when he realized, however I was made this way, does not matter.

Turning for the first time to the ground, he began to feel the surface he was laying on. To the touch it was damp; a word that made the color blue spring to his mind, and he felt his cracked lips twist back into a childish smile for the first time since he had woken up. ‘The sky.’, he thought. The blue feeling that radiated from the damp surface he lay on was not the only thing he noticed. He pushed his fingers deep into the mass before him, and a gritty, dirty feeling enveloped his digits. ‘The earth.’, he thought. He thought of beautiful, arid soil, smothered in grass and struck through with high reaching trees, and mountains that scraped the gates of the sky; and he smiled again. A smile that made him feel warm from the inside, a smile that made him forget where he was, wherever it may be.

The joy that he felt through these vivid thoughts vanished when he opened his eyes once again. He knew where he was. He knew exactly why he was naked. He knew also, that a face loomed just in front of his ; a grinning, slobbering creature that was never more than an inch away, and reveled in the fact that he was known, but not seen, and could not be made to go away.

Finally, he realized something. A final idea flooded his mind, and the same child-like smile oozed forth onto his face. He turned back, dug his fingers back into the ground, squeezed his eyes shut, and thought.

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