Frederick's Hall

It was in the fall of 1994, that my brother and I moved to the northern England. Three months earlier our parents had dissapeared, leaving us completely alone and hopeless. We were sent to our grandparents home in the Springettsburry area. I can hardly name it a home, for it was closer to a thousand homes. I became lost many a time within the maze - like web of halls throughout the mansion. Perhaps the craziness of the home played a part in my brothers awefull demise.

My brother was a lanky 12 year old ( and I was 8 ) at the time of our parents dissapearence. We never ventured outside of our grandparents mansion. We were even privately tutored. Springettsburry Manor was our home, as well as our prison. Frederick would oftenly go off wondering around the house for hours at a time. There was one hall that Freddy took particular interest in. Hall number 12, on floor 10, this hall soon came to be named "Frederick's Hall."

While we dwelled within the walls of Springettsburry Manor, Frederick became somewhat strange and withdrawn. His strangeness only increased during the 6 year period in wich we spent there. Many a time I would find my dear brother Fred lying on the floor, staring wide eyed at the ceiling, curled up in a ball like a small kitten. During the nights Fred would scream and cry in ways wich would leave your blood curdling. He would come out of his room with wide, bloody, gashes on his body. It quickly became apparents to us that Frederick was "off his rocker" so to speak, and that he was a danger to himself and possibaly others.

In the year of 2000 on Frederick's 18th birthday, was the last day I would talk to my brother as a person. He told me the stories about the demons who were comming for him, and the tales about spirits. To me it was all crazy talk, it was just "Fred talk."

When Frederick wondered off that night, we thought nothing of it. Everyone slept as usuall. When I awoke in the morning I noticed a rotten smell, the smell of stale meat. I turned and noticed a strange object laying upon my nightstand. Thick scarlett liquid ran and dripped over the desktop, and neatly in the center lay a gnarled bloody sack of human tissure... (perhaps a stomache of a lung). I screamed frantically and exited my room, only to find I was not the only one to be so rudly awakened. In Sebastion's room a heart, a kidney in Carol's, a brain in Annie's, and so forth throughout the house. A river of blood led from each bedroom door, and on the 12th floor, down hall number 10, lay the empty corpse of my brothers body. Not a scar, stitch, or cut upon him. Just an empty shell. Just Frederick...

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