Step Into The Light

I've done it all wrong

My eyes are sewn shut

There must be something you can do

But I sure don't know what...

I can't see you, God

I am blind to your glory

I can't hear you, God

Can't hear your powerful story...

These people around me

Say they know you

But they live like they don't

I can see them right through.

They act like they are worthy

Of your grace and love,

But I know that we can't be

worthy of such a gift from above.

I try not to change my perspective of you

Because these fools say they know

and have a relationship with you

But they don't let your light show...

You are a great God,

so how can you be

close to these hateful people,

as well as to me?

All of these questions

Blind my eyes

I can't see you

Through all their lies.

You are the God of glory

despite what these hypocrites say

You are nothing like them

as You sit in Heaven today!

God please open my eyes

So I can see you through

this sea of hateful people

make your love new...

Help me see you as I once did

So very long ago

Help me to cling to you with all my might

And never let you go...

God please step into the light..

-name of author not posted

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