Impressions (of a young life lost)

A First Place Award Winner

Born out of time, a fault not your own.

Bearing along wisdom of sages,

on tiny dove-like wings you lit upon the earth.

Spreading wider to touch with gentle flutter,

For one sweet, though bitterly brief moment.

A whisper soft impression from the artist's brush

left upon a canvas of blue and gold, and gray and black.

Your golden hues brightening the darkened background;

like shafts of sunlight streaming through an empty room at dusk.

Leaving a trail of light as it meanders its way

through open doors,

to beam in upon-other rooms-other lives.

Some felt the flutter of dove's wings,

others saw the artist at work with the brush.

Some will remember-still others may not.

But the earth, she remembers and mourns the passing

of her little dove;

the canvas recalls and yet bears the impression,

and the hope of tomorrow is borne

in the colors still found upon the artist's palette.

-C.Y. Zimmerman

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