Sweet metalic kisses

Upon the cheek of a new-born babe...

Crystal tears of a brand-new mother

Sliding down her sweaty cheeks.

The torn eyes of a teenage girl,

Fall upon the wondering eyes of a child.

Her love and effection call out,

As she cradles her little girl.

Forced to give protection,

when she has not yet the strength,

Forced to face the consequences,

Of her sin, and of his.

Can one be born a joy?

In such a painfull time?

Can one be everything in a mothers eyes,

When she is nothing in a fathers mind?

Out of hurt and consequences,

Hope, has been conceived.

Her name has been engraved

upon a loving mothers heart..

And through a hopless time.

Hope has now been born.

Her name shall last forever,

For a mother's mistake to morn...

-Rebecca Suzanne Zimmerman

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