He Didn't Know

Don't you know what love is?

Or must I teach you this,

that love is more than a feeling,

more than just a kiss...

You said you wouldn't

But you did

You broke my heart

Then ran and hid

You said you loved me

More than I'll ever know

You said you'd never leave

So tell me, why did you go?

You misused the word love

Because love never leaves

Maybe you meant lust

and the blinding web it weaves...

Love is a timeless force

Never loses it's power

it doesn't fade away

or have it's golden hour...

If you loved me then

You still would now

You said you loved me

And now I am asking "how?"

I knew I shouldn't believe you

That you really didn't know...

But after awhile I trusted you

That's the time you chose to go.

So for future reference,

Never say I love you,

Unless you love them forever

Or else heart break will ensue.

Was I there to be your toy?

The one you showed to your friends?

Or were you embarrassed of me

And that's why you caused it to end?

Was I really important

To you or was I not?

You always said "I love you,

I think you're very hott!"

And that was it, no kind words

No reassurance of time

Now I think you violated me

And that lying was your crime!

Don't even say it...

-name of author not posted

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