5 Short Poems By - Hooman Shahkar


Worm said God is apple.

Canary said God is the hand full of seeds.

Goldfish called God

the water in aquarium.

Lion said God is jungle.

Human was quiet

with eyes wet.


If there is no rain my tears are.

If there is no dawn

the beauty of dusk is.

And if we canít wash moments

we can wash the hands of mind

in the river of time.

If there is no spring

there is autumn

with colorful leaves.


Crows are alike.

They sew light to darkness.

Crows are plaguy.

They blacken the horizon

but crows donít know

that the life will go on

with them or without.


You light the fire.

The fire evaporates my heart.

The cloud rains.

The rain mixes with my blood

goes to my eyes

falls on soil.

Soil gives it to sun.

Sun puts it in clouds.

My lips taste the rain.

The rain travels through my veins

to my heart

putting off the fire for a while


When silkworm must die

a pair of wings

is given to her.

She flies toward a flame

and burns.

-Hooman Shahkar

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