indescribable anger swirling in my head

sickening pain as i lie here in bed

tears falling one by one from my eye

realize my life is based on a lie

fear gripping my heart and pulling me under

bitterness stealing happiness and delighting in the plunder

irrational fatigue inside my mind

looking at the paper so neatly lined

it's not enough anymore

I know this for sure

it's not enough to live by

not enough to survive...

So i need an escape, just one little escape

from this brutal, awful, terrorizing mind rape

Incisions start small then grow and grow

blood first drips then begins to flow

I dont know how to stop once I've started

don't know how to erase this wisdom imparted

i see through black eyes and taste only blood

i am scarred and scabbed, my tears are a flood

This mess I've created stares back at me

I almost begin to question what i see...

its so horrid, so frightful, you'd never guess I did it

Can't believe that I could create such sh*t

Do I even want to stop? no...

why take away my escape, just for show!

This is me, please understand

Don't start to think that change is at hand

I don't know who i am anymore

There is just no way to be sure

All I know is I need this

It is like a tender kiss

Got to scream, got to cry

Got to rock as time goes by

Got to cut, got to bleed

Cannot sing until I'm freed

Theres no real escape, no escape from the pain

For all of you I have so much to feign

Beauty and strength have deserted me

Passion and sleep are my only decree

If you can get me out of here

I'd surely appreciate you, dear

But if you cannot help me

Then please, for me, do not worry

Inside of me there is nothing bright

All I have is pain and frieght

But it's all good because i am set

I like how it is so don't you fret!

Remember my chains

Forget not my pains

Show me your heart

I wont tear it apart

Why is it like this? I cannot say...

There is no real reason, it's just like this today...

people are so cruel and hearts are so hard

smoke curls up from the ember shards...

Darken your eye and your soul will be dark

allow some anger inside, life turns stark

Accept healing power and you will succeed

But if you don't, just smoke some weed

I don't know why the world is this way

But I know it's like this every day

Nothing changes, no matter what the circumstance

We walk around like zombies, we are under a trance.

-name of author not posted

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