Drifting Away (to Tommy)

You know I love and need you with all my heart

And I keep seeing you drifting away

In a mix of emotion, so cruel yet so kind

Causing me fear, that I cannot control. . .

Please, do not leave me, you're all that I have

I keep dreaming you are drifting away

And with each pain you suffer, my tears will not end

I am selfishly, in love with you. . .

Tell me, that you love me if it is the truth

Though you've said it before, please say it again

And if you don't love me, in the true deepest way

Than lie to me, for the truth I can't bear. . .

And when I hear fu**ed up sh*t about you

I break down and scream that they are lies

I hate every person who could ever hate you

And I fear every girl who wants you. . .

I never felt loved until I met you

I had never loved, until I met you

And if you ever leave, I will surely die

Please swear you're not drifting away. . .

-Rebecca Suzanne Zimmerman

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