Bitter anguish tears cross

The heart crusted with dried blood

Stitched and sewn in an attempt to make whole

Salty tears, stinging in a rushing flood

Confusion mists the forlorn mind

Making all within a giant mess

The tattered remains of a fried brain

Swirl around.. it hurts I must confess

Anger burns deeply inside

Hidden away so the world can't see

Self-destructive rage at it's peak

Scouring the mind so right it will never be

Cold self-alienation frosts over

Eyes can't even see for the blur

People say it's self-pity, but we know better

For self-pity is not the smallest part of her

Shattered hopes and dreams lie

All over her floor

So she becomes one with her pain

And she closes the door

-name of author not posted

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