I was running. I don't know from what, but it was like i was running for my life. The apoccolyps was coming. I was running with two other complete strangers to me.All around me was a like a huge maze. The sky was pitch black with blood-red clouds. The walls and floor was all black with firey flames burning all over. There was an evil cackle all around me. I heard souls being tourchered all around me. I kept running, blindedly, not knowing where I was going. It was still chasing me. Finally, I was almost there... To a safe place, a sanctuary, where I would be safe and no longer be tortured. all i had to do was run up a simple hill. I climbed up and as I was almost reaching the top witht the other two people I was with, it grabbed my leg, and started to pull me down. The other two strangers tried to pull me up, meanwhile risking their own lives. I was falling, falling. The strangers couldnt help me any longer. As i slipped, and feel back into the darkness. I woke u! p into the cold darkness, screaming for my life...

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