I was getting out of an old, long, brown, car with an older man, and a girl I believe may have been my older sister. The man was slightly heavy set, with a grey moustache and white hair. It was bright and sunny, and we were walking through a parking lot (which was full of cars,) headed towards a large white, marble looking building. It made me think of the capital building, or those types of buildings in Washington.

We walked up the white, sunny, steps, and entered through these glass doors. But not long after we entered, we were heading down a hall (that looked much like the halls in a school would), and the fire alarm went off! And the little sprayer things came on! So the man (whoever he was) told us to hurry and run out of the building.

We ran out, and somewhere within the period of time, that we were leaving the building my sister dissapeared from the dream. But it was like she was never there in the first place. Cause I never felt like she was missing in any way.

We ran outside, and it was dark out, and as we were running around the porch like area on the side of the building. We looked inside these very, huge glass doors, and inside, sitting on the ledge of a big indoor fountain, was a juggler. He dressed like a mime, and was juggling fire. And the sticks were going right up to the ceiling, where the fire alarm was.

All the people who had been running. Saw this, and they laughed and stopped running out of the building, cause they figured it was only the mime who set off the alarm.

We kept running however... And though during the dream, this didn't seem at all strange. . . The parking lot was not even there... It was dark, like just before sunset, and we were running through the grass towards a hill. All the way along the top edge of the hill, were small (maybe 6 feet tall), perfectly aligned pine trees.

We joined a group of people sitting on the hill, and we turned around to look at the building. When we looked at it however it was no longer a white marble looking building, but it was a very large boarded house (it was the same size as the marble building). And the porch looked like a normal (but very huge) wrap around porch. I made you think something of a haunted house type of thing. But just like the parking lot, it didn't seem like a strange thing at all, that it looked different. The sky was full of purplish, black clouds. . . And the sky that did peep through between them, was a mix of bright red, and orange. . .

But more noticable than that, was a huge (probably 70 ft. tall) billow of thick, black, smoke comming from the roof of the building! And all the people, and the mime, could still be seen walking around in the downstairs of the building. They were completely obliviose to the terror that awaited them! And even worse, no one would go to the building and tell them of what was to come! Even I could not. I could feel a terror inside of me. The kind of fear that you feel, when you think you are about to die. Like before your car wrecks.

Then suddenly I was walking around the side of the charred, black, building. I do not remember watching the building actually burning down. It was like a small part of my dream skipped, like a cd. . .

So I was walking through the cold, shadowed, grass, around the side of the building. . . And I came around to the back. . . It was an open area about the size of a small yard, and was surrounded, by tall, shadowed, black, bushes... There was a young tree (also about 6-8 ft. tall), that was green, and fresh looking. Surrounded, by a small circle of stones. There were a group of younger girls from my church sitting together on the ground near the tree, and looking up at the top of the building. And there were a few other people surrounding. I remember going, and sitting down next to the little girls. After awhile of silence, a man walked around the side of the building. He was dressed and looked somewhat like the old pictures of Jesus, but he was somewhat bigger, and buffer than they make him in those paintings. Also, his eyes where completely black... There were no puples, no white, no nothing... Just empty looking. I could feel that terror again. He went up to the tree, and touched his hand to it. The tree began to swell, and turn to a blackish purple, and something seeped out of it. Everyone was staring at him.

Then he turned around and looked (or at least I think he was looking) at the people, and began to walk away... Everyone ran after him, trying to touch him, and screaming he was Jesus! I just sat and watched him in terror.

Then I got up and walked around to the side of the building again. And I could see through the split, and charred boards inside. There were nurses. I listened to there conversation for a few moments... The one lady said "did you hear about the tree? It is healing these people!"

And then. . . I woke up. . .

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