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What's your name?
Hair color/style:
Fav bands:
Best Friends:
Family Members:
What is your biggest tallent?
Are you a virgin? If not, how many times have you done it?
What's the weirdest thing you've ever done?
What's the baddest thing you've ever done?
Do you smoke (I do!):
Have you ever done drugs?
Do you know what Fairy-Dust is?
What's your most embarrassing moment?
Have you ever cried in public?
Have you lost a loved one?
Have you been on mental medications of any kind?
Have you ever been a self mutalator?
Do you have any eating disorders?
Are you religious? If so what religion?
Do you believe in "me first" or "others first"?
Are you sad, or REALLY depressed?
Are you Happy go lucky?
Do you like roller coasters?
How about concerts and Festivals?
What do you think of my diary?
Did ya like the survey? cause this is the end...

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